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From Ivor November 2014


Tyrone Snell Trailers Collage

A busy year here at Tyrone Snell, with all departments pulling out the stops …

1. Big trailers for the Thames London Rib experience.

2. Small trailers for those useful trips to the dump.

3. Camper van Tow bars made and fitted.

4. Tow bars installed to all makes of cars and vans.

5. Commercial vehicle bodies made and repaired.

6. Railings made and fitted.

… Now then, what can we do for you?











From Ivor – Updated August 4th, 2014


Hidden Hut Kitchen

Summer is well and truly here in Cornwall and we are pleased to have provided this bespoke Field kitchen for Local Chef, Simon Stallard. He has been involved several TV projects, and is seen here filming with Michelin star Chef, Tom Kerridge.

The Kitchen has been fitted out onto a Brian James trailer, providing a central island cooking area where Simon and his staff serve food daily, along with his famous feast nights. If you can get chance to book, then you will enjoy open air dining, fresh food cooked beautifully and a great view!

Look him up on The Hidden Hut




From Ivor – Updated July 19th, 2014


Tyrone Snell Aluminium Launch Trailer

Very busy workshops at present with trailers going to Ireland, Wales, the South Coast and Austria plus a 20 foot aluminium Launch trailer for Union Island ….. in the Caribbean!

We have also been busy making safety pens for Seals at the National Seal Sanctuary. We are your local supplier!

Call us now to discuss your project!

01209 860945



From Ivor – Updated August 16th, 2013


Tyrone Snell Slipway

This new project, completed for our client who required a slipway with full access cradle and remote controlled winch, now graces the water line on this private slipway in Cornwall. The rails are all fabricated in Marine grade stainless steel, with the galvanised cradle having a gantry walkway and ladder access.

Call us now to discuss your water front access project!

01209 860945



From Ivor – Updated August 11th, 2013


Cornish Crabber Tyrone Snell Trailer  Tyrone Snell Large Boat Trailer

We make small and large trailers!


Summer’s here and all departments are busy with recent deliveries to Ireland and Scotland, not forgetting London. We’re excited to have a lorry booked to deliver 30 of the latest Anssems trailers from Germany. That, of course, is not to make you forget that we make trailers also!


Witter and Westfalia tow bars are fitted daily along with dedicated wiring and vehicle coding. Trailer parts in stock for DI. We look forward to being of service to you.



From Ivor – March 2nd, 2013


Tyrone Snell Advertising Trailer Tyrone Snell Trailers Twin Wheel Base


Just a couple of our recent trailers that we are proud to have our name on. Trailers made in Cornwall by Cornish tradesmen.


Tyrone Snell Master Mover TrolleyAnd if its not trailers, it’s trolleys for Master Mover. More coming out next week.


Call us now to discuss your next trailer!


01209 860945





From Ivor – February 14th, 2013


Tyrone Snell Bike Trailer BoxWe have been very fortunate this year with winning some prestigious Military contracts. Obviously we can’t go into too much detail, but seen here in the picture, is a special version of a box van trailer, being delivered to a secret Naval base in Helston. We cannot say what is inside, but when unleashed, the mountain bikes that are deployed present a formidable force.


Last week The Royal Air Force collected a trailer for their North Wales base, and once again, the purpose of this box van was classified! We do know however that they will be able to put a good number of kayaks and mountain bikes inside.


We have also won a contract to build 4 trailers for the Royal Air Force. Again this is highly secret that they will carry a classified cargos of kayaks and mountain bikes. All very hush hush. And so, if you are reading this and want a secure defence contractor, you are in safe hands with us.


Call us now to discuss your box trailer! 01209 860945



From Ivor – January 14th, 2013


Tyrone Snell SmartMover TrolleyWinter here in Falmouth and we are already thinking about the warm summer sailing days ahead. Padstow Gig Club have a new trailer about to come out of the workshops and more enquiries for trolleys have been received from Master Mover.






Teardrop Caravan with Tyrone Snell ChassisThis little caravan, known as a Tear Drop Caravan, was made by a customer in Plymouth and we were asked to make the chassis and running gear. If you are making one of these fantastic little caravans, then it might be worthwhile giving us a call for the chassis. Don’t forget, we can source the right stud pattern for your choice of road wheel whether it be a modern version like the one shown here or a ‘classic’.


Call us now to discuss what you really want! 01209 860945



From Ivor – January 7th, 2013


Happy New Year from the all the crew at ‘Trailer Towers’! We have just about recovered from the New Year’s celebrations and are looking forward to an exciting 2013.


Here’s a few more pictures of our bespoke trolleys in use at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Tyrone Snell Trailers - Trolley
Tyrone Snell Trailers - Trolley










If you have ever wondered whether you could afford a ‘specialist’ trailer, the answer may surprise you. Call us now to discuss what you really want! 01209 860945



From Ivor – December 20th, 2012


Christmas here at ‘Trailer Towers’ and customers have recently driven away with an assortment of new Brian James tippers plus one of the largest flat beds we have ever sold – 20 foot long by 8 foot wide. A challenge to tow, but it will carry up to 20 wheelie bins for delivery.


Tyrone Snell Trailers Bin MoversOn the subject of Bins, it’s time to get ‘trollied’, and in this case, 2 bespoke trolleys were made for Manchester Royal Infirmary for connecting to A master tug pedestrian mover. The ‘Grig’ made them and what a brilliant job he did. Maybe bespoke trolleys could be a new division?


We also saw one box van delivered and numerous boat trailers, including one for a Cornwall Fisheries protection vessel.

Happy holidays.



From Ivor – November 1st, 2012


Busy with trailer builds here at trailer towers. We’ve had orders from Scotland for boat trailers, Manchester Royal Infirmary for trolleys, Nottingham for Kayak trailers and Cornwall for boat trailers. The lads in the workshops are almost wearing out their welding machines. The office is busy preparing documentation for EU type approval so that our trailers can continue to be sold overseas! Over the years we have sent them to Africa, Spain, France, Turkey, Switzerland, America, and Nuneaton!


Tyrone Snell Trailers Sponsors Richard Lander School

Been sponsoring the pupils from Richard Lander Green powered racing  again this year with the loan of Transport for their Green Powered car. They have done well, 93.5 miles over 4 hours on just 3 batteries. 2nd place out of 28 entrants! Very proud!







From Ivor – September 19th, 2012


Tyrone Snell Trailers Apprentice

It’s turning out to be a sunny September here and we welcome our new Apprentice, Sam, who has joined us on an engineering and fabrication apprenticeship.  Coming from Penryn, Sam is well known as a keen rugby player and sports man. Pictured here with the first trailer that he assembled, a yard trailer for a Cornish Shrimper, we all wish him well.






From Ivor – August 6th, 2012


Tyrone Snell Trailers Port NavisSummer seems to be here at Tyrone Snell Towers at present. This picture was taken last week by Colin who was out making arrangements for another new boat trailer delivery to the small, idyllic village of Port Navis located on the Helford River.


In this instance he will take the trailer down, row out to the clients boat and bring it back to shore to load on its new trailer. All in a days service … speaking of which, now is a the time to get your boat trailer serviced!

Call 01209 860945 today and book your service!




From Ivor – 20th June, 2012


Tyrone Snell Kayak Trailer

Boat trailers going out of the gates in all shapes and sizes at present – trailers for Crabbers, Shrimpers,  Dinghies and Kayaks as here. All we need now is the Summer to arrive or, failing that, we are at the Mylor open day boat show on the 20-21-22 July.  Click on the link now to see what’s on offer.





From Ivor – 2nd June, 2012


Tyrone Snell Trailers - The Grig

Jubilee Weekend here at Tyrone Towers and the ‘Grig’ is taking a well earned rest. Some say he sleeps plugged into his TIG welder and that for breakfast he eats only  the finest ‘nuts’ ….


All we know is, He’s called the Grig.








From Ivor – 25th May, 2012


Tyrone Snell Race Car Trailer 3

You may have heard of the Stig, well we have A Grig, Some say… he sleeps hanging from a meat hook in the steel store and that he has machine oil in his veins. All we know is he’s called the Grig…….and the Grig has decided that its time to release his latest creation – a stunning race-car transporter made from alloy panels and aluminium chassis.





Tyrone Snell Race Car Trailer 2The Grig has incorporated a tilting body with ramp so that  a low slung car can be loaded with no break over angle, inside there’s an electric remote winch, fuel storage rack, twin tyre racks, work bench and, oh yes, 240 volt electrics for the kettle. Once outside again, you can keep the beating rays of the sun off with the Fiamma Awning.





Tyrone Snell Race Car Trailer 1Any one wanting to own such a trailer will have to pass a written examination set by the Grig.









From Ivor – 10th May, 2012


towbar_img7Summer is here at Tyrone Towers, we are seeing more and more boat trailers in for service, and several very nice bespoke build boat trailers went out to clients for their new boats. Tow bars are being fitted at a minimum of one a day, along with requests for one off camper van installations. Surprising how many people want to carry their bikes or mopeds on the back.


Meanwhile we are gearing up for EU type approval, and have appointed the Dutch company Hestacon to draw up the approval specs and required procedures conformity documents! All quite trying really, especially when money should be put towards more actual investment in the production side. Our trailers have always adhered to the UK requirements for lighting and braking, however, what we will get for this EU type approval is ….. A certificate, some long numbers on the serial plate, and, oh yes, slightly different shaped mudflaps!


Hey Ho, wont be long before there is legislation to cover web blogs!



From Ivor – 6th April, 2012


Tyrone Snell Cornish Crabber TrailerIts a busy time here at Tyrone Towers, 5 new boat trailers delivered today to Cornish Crabbers at Rock for their new Crabber 12 range launched at the London Boatshow in January.








Tyrone Snell Box Trailers for RNLIThree additional new Anssem enclosed box trailers going out to the RNLI to be used by their marketing people.








We are all heads down now working towards type approval which comes in in October this year.  Another of Europe’s good ideas!!!  Anyway it will be a good thing for the industry as a whole, but is an onerous process for a small business like us!



From the Portakabin – 6th March, 2012



Sometimes it’s not all trailers.  Tim made this new rudder in marine grade aluminium for Nick at Helford River Boats.  When polished it could almost be hung as a piece of art!!  Greg is currently building in aluminium too. His challenge is to build a car trailer suitable for an F4 race car. When finished the trailer will be stunning – it will be fully enclosed with a pull out awning, posh lighting and all the bits that make a racing car trailer special.  It’s a pity it’s going to live in London and we won’t see it around locally!



From the workshop – 11th January, 2012


Today has seen us hold our first trailer servicing course for Cornwall Council.  The chaps from the council know what they are doing, but our resident Tefal head Greg, has prepared a really good course dealing with setting up auto-reverse brakes on trailers and general servicing tips.  If you think your staff could benefit from a refresher course, lunch is provided!!




From the Portakabin – 7th January, 2012


Oban skiff 015-smallThis is the new combi trailer for the Port Begg skiff.  Colin is whizzing up the M5 early Monday morning to meet the customer just east of the Welsh border.  We are really pleased with the trailer – it certainly looks purposeful!!






From Ivor – 5th January, 2012


Happy New Year!  We were all back to work on Tuesday after a welcome week of factory (and office) shutdown!  Business started briskly and Tuesday proved to be a text book day.  It appears the organised amongst you are already looking forward to the boating season and planning service work or ordering new trailers.  Greg and Tim definitely have their work cut out for the next few months.


Thought I’d post this photo I took at Loe Beach, Feock whilst recovering a broken trailer.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have a view like this on their doorstep – this is what living and working in Cornwall is all about!







From the Portakabin – 23rd December, 2011


This is our last blog post for 2011.


Tyrone Snell Special Edition TrailerThis special edition 5’ x 3’ TS Trailer was built to an advised specification!! The gentleman now leaves his sons to run the family firm – Bailey Caravans – so it was a pleasure to make something that he actually wanted with extra wide wheels and beefed up suspension.






Tyrone Snell RailingsBack from powder coating and installed, these railings were made for a new Park Homes site in Truro where we are hoping to secure more work in the new year.
We finish today for Christmas and New Year holidays – back on 3rd January. All that’s left to say is thank you to all those customers who have supported us during 2011 – have a great Christmas and a prosperous 2012!



From the Portakabin – 13th December, 2011


The sun is streaming through the window intermittently this morning and it’s hard to believe that this time last year we had snow on the ground – this year we have horizontal rain and strong winds!!


Tyrone Snell Cornish Crabber TrailerThe last couple of weeks have been strange!  We have had a variety of work through the door and yet more quotes going out.  Here is Salem of Helford – a Crabber 22 being lifted on to her new trailer. Her proud new owners are taking her back to the Cotswolds for some winter tlc.  Colin and Greg can be seen here directing operations!!





BT-LorryPaul has been busy working on a BT lorry.  These polecat lorries are helping roll out BT high speed broadband across West Cornwall (I wish they’d head our way)!!  The project will take the next few years then the lorries will probably be pensioned off.



We have secured more trailer fabrications just this last week and the build list now extends into February/March.  Just this week we have taken orders for two tiltback trailers – one suitable for an Heir Island Sloop and the other a Powercat 525.  We have a van conversion to do for the National Trust and a road scraper to make for one of the estates down on the Helford.  Enquires continue to come in and if anything more is confirmed and booked before Christmas we will be busy well into the second quarter of 2012.


From Colin – 30th November, 2011


It’s always a pleasure to design a new trailer for a new boat.  Traditional wooden boatbuilders A & R Way, Argyll have developed a new Port Beg Skiff based on a 19th century fishing boat design from Oban.  This boat is particularly suited to modern use as a trailer sailor by virtue of her size.  We have been asked to build a combination trailer for this lovely boat with delivery early January 2012 to the new owner.


We have had other interesting orders come in this week – a generator/plant trailer and bespoke car transporter – looks like we’ll be busy for a few more weeks yet!


From Ivor – 24th November, 2011


Another week gone and we are heading towards December full tilt!!  It’s been a very busy week and there has been lots of work through the door which is very encouraging.  The news hasn’t got any better, but I think people are just putting their heads down and getting on with it – several sales this week have been to people setting up new businesses – how encouraging – we wish them well!


Tyrone Snell Motorcycle TrailerCheck out this motorcycle trailer that went out this week.  Made by Greg, this little beauty is ideal for towing behind a motor-home and was powder coated to match the tow vehicle. Capable of standing on its end for easy storage it is probably the shortest trailer we have ever made!!


You can see more pictures on the Motorcycles page.




From Ruth – 18th November, 2011


Ruth KnellerWhere did this week go?  All the jobs at the moment seem to be against deadlines.  This time last week we were working flat out on a Westcountry Fruit Sales lorry.  Unfortunately the lorry had sustained damage when it came into contact with a low bridge.  Once the body frame was straightened and the roof replaced she was as good as new and is now back out on the road busy delivering fresh fruit and veg again!


Tim has been busy on a 3500kgs trailer for an Invicta 26 this week.  That chassis is off to galv on Monday together with another Crabber 22 chassis made by Greg.  Mark has been busy on railings this week and very lovely they look – I’ll do a photo next week once they are back from powder coating.


We have been busy in the office this week too quoting for various different trailer builds.  Although the old adage goes some you win some you lose some – in this instance we are hoping to win some plus a few!!


From the Portakabin – 8th November, 2011


With the change to GMT it really does feel like winter is on the way.  We have just taken our last delivery of Anssems trailers before the winter and the yard is now brimming with a good selection of trailers.


Anssems GTThe Anssems GTB1200 251X126 VT2 is a stunning trailer – check out our website for photos.  With a gross towing weight of 1200kgs, this braked trailer has an interior load capacity suitable for taking a motorbike or mobility scooter amongst other things.  The rear door drops down as well as the roof being hinged too.


Workshop fabrication is constant at the moment with orders for bespoke boat trailers continuing to come in.



From Ivor – 18th October, 2011


We don’t just make trailers here.  Sometimes a small job comes along that is nice to do and do well.  This pretty little gate was made by Tim who had to copy the 100 year old original.


As an apprentice a few years ago, a time when all telephones were black and no one had ever heard of mobile phones, Tim worked as a blacksmith and has clearly not forgotten his craft.


Now that the gate has been galvanised it should last another 100 years!



From Colin – 6th October, 2011


Winterising your boat trailer is easy and can help prevent problems in Spring when you want to put your boat back in the water.  Here are a few simple tips.


As soon as the boat has been recovered flush out the trailer hubs/brake drums with fresh water.  Once home put the trailer on axle stands and remove the wheels.  Remove the bearings from the hubs, clean and re-pack with fresh grease and replace.  If you are able to leave the trailer on axle stands for the winter this will avoid any flat spots developing on the tyres if your boat is weighty.  If this isn’t feasible try and make a routine of turning the wheels once a week just to keep things moving.  If the trailer is braked, leave the trailer chocked in a safe place with the handbrake off.  Don’t forget the coupling – wash down and re-grease where possible.  Now is also a good time to check your trailer chassis condition making sure that any rusty parts are treated with galv spray or red oxide paint to prevent any further corrosion.


Remember, if all else fails, bring the trailer/boat to us where we can provide this service for you.



From Ruth – 30th September, 2011



Gig trailer delivered and pictured with happy members of the local gig club.  Sundowner duly had – what a stunning scene!



From Ruth – 29th September, 2011


Ruth KnellerSummer has returned (if only temporarily)!!  No better place than Cornwall when the sun is shining and the breeze blowing.  There does seem to be a little bit of disquiet though that we have easterly’s at the moment – making things a tad choppy for the sailors in our midst!


This week has been very busy.  Every day has seen call outs to rescue trailers with owners in distress or trailers leaving the yard repaired and ready for action once again.


The new Cape Cornwall Pilot Gig Club trailer is off to the gig shed at Sennen tonight – a good excuse for a sundowner overlooking the surf at Sennen after it is safely delivered.



From Ruth – 22nd September, 2011


Seems like autumn is truly upon us.  Lots of movement on the boat trailer front as people are preparing to get their boats out of the water at the end of the month.  Not like last year with an extended season, although who knows what October will be like?!


Gig trailer to be rolled out for delivery to Cape Cornwall Pilot Gig Club this coming week and new heavy duty Rollercoaster for customer at Rock.


Plenty of servicing in – seems to be a good time to get a Shrimper trailer serviced!!



From Ivor – 15th September, 2011


Ivor KnellerBusy time in the service department so far this month, boats coming off the water now all needing trailers.  Several call outs to the roadside to recover trailers with collapsed axles or units – the result of irregular or nonexistent servicing!


With new vehicle registration out now we are booking ten days ahead for towbar fitting.  Paul very happy with his new Westfalia diagnostic coding gizmo for the electrics.


Looking forward to the Southampton Boat Show next week and seeing our trailers on Cornish Crabbers stand.  Check them out on stand FO15 and the new Mystery on marina berth M264.



From Ivor – 24th August, 2011


Ivor KnellerGreg building new cradle for Cornish Crabbers range of Mystery Sailing Yachts.  Customer boat delivered to Rock Marine awaiting delivery of new Rollercoaster trailer.  New water bowser trailer coming out next week for Pressure Services.


Tow bar workshop taking delivery of new coding computer soon – all high tech stuff here!!


From Ruth – 17th August, 2011


Another busy week in prospect.  Greg fabricating a Shrimper Combi for Cornish Crabbers.  This will be heading to the Southampton Boatshow mid September.  Steel welded on main trailer and combi now being prepared for galv next Monday.


Tim working on a new Powercat trailer.  Delivery to Worcester for a boat fitting early September, before finally heading to the Isle of Skye to live.