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Our Trailers
Boat, Kayak and Windsurfer Trailers

In this section you will find details and pictures of Boat trailers for the road, Yard trailers, Dinghy and Kayak trailers, along with Windsurfing trailers and our standard Launch trollies along with some bespoke examples for rescue boats.

Jet Ski Launch Trailer

We are getting more and more requests for Jet Ski Launch Trailers. For ease of launch at most slipways, contact us to see how competitive our price is. 01209 860945

Cornish Crabbers

The Cornish Crabber Company – based at Rock produce a superb range of hand-built traditional sailing boats. We are delighted to be the suppliers of trailers for the Crabber and Shrimper Range.

Large boat trailers come with a spare wheel, lighting boards, flushing kit and are fully galvanised reflecting the investment you will make in one of these fine boats.  The new Crabber 12 combination trailer comes complete with a lightboard and single tie down strap and this exciting new day sailer is being launched at the London Boat Show 2012.

Gig Trailers

Tyrone Snell Trailers are happy to have worked with many South West Gig clubs building traditional gig trailers both single and twin axle. Gigs are an expensive item for any club. The attention and craftmanship that goes into a Gig needs to be matched by the trailer than transports it.


Its always nice for any club when new equipment arrives, and seen in the latest picture are Cape Cornwall Pilot Gig club taking delivery of an ‘Off road’ rugged style trailer for beach style launch and recovery.


Ask us about our Gig Launching Trolleys.


Finance packages can be arranged.





























































The Gig trailer on the right was built for the Ex-Military team, Help For Heroes, prior to setting off for the Scillies World Championships

Yard Trailers, Cradles and Slipways

If your boat spends its time in a Marina, and is never towed on the highway, then we can fabricate a suitable yard trailer, galvanised or sprayed. Larger cradles or trailers can be made to suit up to 12 metres, and delivery can be arranged throughout the UK.   If you are in a position to have direct access to the water from your own property, then maybe its worth considering a slipway with cradle. The rails shown in the pictures are made of marine grade stainless steel, and the cradle was made to suit the Ribeye 750.   Call us to discuss what can be done to suit your boat.
























This yard trailer made for Southern Ireland, is to be used to transport a 6 ton boat and has hydraulic brakes fitted. A 5 metre extension draw bar is also shown as the client wants to launch deeper into the water. Additional Float style marker poles are shown at the rear and a handy removable tool box keeps the lashing straps in place.





















This installation has a Solar-charged battery to power an electric Winch. The railings were also fabricated to finish off the new slipway.


































Bespoke winches made for 240Volt single or 2 Phase installations fitted to top of Slipways and boat houses. We use BHW winches, made in the UK.









Cradle made for a 7 meter Rib with side fenders allowing the skipper to drive into a Virtual Dock.

Launch Trolleys

Launch Trolleys
Light weight T frame or A frame. Also available front swivel wheel and rear roller as extra.









































Bespoke launch trollies can be made to suit most applications. These Aluminium 4 wheeled trolleys are for Life Guard Jet Skis, and can be folded down for easy storage and transport. The large balloon tyres allow for better operation on sand and shingle.
This launch trailer was for an inflatable rescue boat which needed to have the facility of being towed by a tractor or pulled manually as well as being steerable.



































Jet Ski Launch Trailers
We are getting more and more requests for Jet Ski Launch Trailers. For ease of launch at most slipways, contact us to see how competitive our price is. 01209 860945

Canoe/Kayak Trailers

From enclosed to single and multi stacking versions for clubs.

We can fabricate simple single canoe trailers or multi spa units to carry more canoes or Kayaks. Storage boxes or a storage cage provides secure transport for equipment, and some element of customer bespoke choices can be incorporated such as storage, Protective rubber Bunks for the spas, spare wheel mounted to the chassis.













































Enclosed cage trailers like the one shown are often used by groups who may want to carry mixed loads of sporting equipment. This caged trailer was made to carry Kayaks with roof bars added to allow longer canoes. The client also wanted to be able to transport mountain bikes and have everything safe and securely locked away. Ideal for storage and for kit when on site, or at an event.





























































Kayak trailer made with adjustable spas and fitted with Thule Bike racks to carry 4 mountain bikes.

Combination Trailers

Made for ease of launch and recovery, good quality inflatable tyres, jockey wheel and adjustable side supports. 3 standard sizes all available with mast support as standard. With a GTW range of 350kgs (700cwt) 12’, 500kgs (1000cwt) 14’, 750kgs (1500cwt) 16’.

Adjustable T-Frame Dinghy Road Trailers

Adjustable side supports and rear keel roller. As an addition we can supply a simple aluminium kit which when fitted to the trailer with bunks makes a low cost inflatable boat trailer. 3 sizes available – 12’ , 14’ and 16’. GTW 350kgs







The Dinghy Trailer to the right was made with a second level Kayak frame to carry 3 or 4 Kayaks on top. The frame can be removed when required. Pull out Light bars and Light Board cover the extra length of the overhanging kayak.

Fully adjustable boat trailers

All come with winch post, winch, jockey wheel, keel rollers and side supports as standard. Extras can be added such as wide wheels or simple roller bunks on request. 3 sizes/GTW – 12-14’ boat 350kgs, 15-18’ boat 500kgs, 18-19’ boat 750kgs. The 750kgs boat trailer can be made as heavy duty with 70×70 spine if necessary.

Breakback trailers

For easier launch and recovery all as per our fully adjustable boat trailers, but with the spine hinged to make launch and recovery easy. Available as unbraked trailers in 2 sizes/GTW 15-18’ 500kgs, and 18-19’ 750kgs.


Heavier boats may require a braked axle as seen in the lower picture.



Inflatable boat trailers

Fully adjustable trailer up to 750kgs with winch and side bunks to support the tubes. A pad is fitted at the rear to support the transom. Docking bars available as an extra.








This trailer is built to RNLI specifications for a Surf life-saving Club on Perranporth beach. Full tube support is given by the rollers, and offers a quick and easy launch and recovery.








A simple inflatable boat trailer can be made from £499 upwards to £798 depending on specification.


Single axle unbraked up to twin axle braked – anything from 4m to 8m boat. Fully galvanised with high quality running gear made to order.


Additional features can be added e.g. side steps, docking bars and flushing kits.


When considering which size trailer you require, consider the following: It is important to know the weight of your boat and an accurate measurement from bow eye to transom.

Bunked Trailers

Rollercoasters tend to be easier for launch and recovery. However, some people prefer the overall support provided by bunks. We find that the bunked trailer requires a greater depth for launching. On the plus side, a bunked trailers is lower in cost generally.


When considering which size trailer you require, consider the following: It is important to know the weight of your boat and an accurate measurement from bow eye to transom.


























































































Bunked trailer with Guide docking bars made for flat bottomed Aluminium.  Boats used by the Environment Agency

Keel boat trailers

These include – Traditional long keel boat trailers, Fin Keel boat trailers, Bilge Keel boat trailers, Shrimper trailers, Yard trailers, One off trailers, Cradles and just about anything else you can think of!