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Car Trailers

We offer the standard design twin ramp runway up to 16’ in both single and twin axle format. A covered curtain side car delivery trailer can also be made.

Car Trailers

We make car trailers to order, ranging from the simple open ramp style to the closed deck versions depending on your requirements and budget. Most car trailers are twin axle, however for some of the smaller cars a single axle of the correct load capacity will be sufficient.


We often make trailers for towing behind Camper vans and it is in these cases that the smaller ‘Smart Car’ concept is proving popular.


Classic car clubs often require bespoke trailers, the Austin 7 for example; we have even put motor movers on a single axle trailer to help its ease of use.


Sometimes there is a weight issue, and an example of an Aluminium tilt bed is shown in the pictures.


Enclosed trailers are shown by using curtain siders, A solid GRP trailer can be specified, complete with ramp tail or ramp access with chequer plate flooring and internal lighting. Side access panels could be optioned; this would be the type of trailer used for new car delivery or track day events.


For the ultimate track day event , a covered, tilt bed race car trailer. The aluminium version (last 5 pictures), made to reduce towing weight, had the addition of twin tyre racks, electric winch, on board 12volt and 240 volt power, work bench and fuel can storage rack. To finish things off, a Fiamma awning was fitted.


Whatever your requirement is, it can be made!
























































































Aluminium trailer chassis and deck to reduce weight.