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Curtain Siders

Curtain sided trailers offer easy loading of palletised goods and can be plated up to 3500 Kg GTW.

Curtain Siders

Usually made on a galvanised steel chassis, we can offer various rear door styles such as barn door, ramp tail or extended ramp tail if requested for car delivery.

Some of the examples shown are made in aluminium to keep the trailer weight down.

This curtain sider for Oxford Kitchens and Bathrooms was built on an existing Brian James TT Car Trailer. We are quite happy to take your existing flat bed and fabricate a curtain side trailer, whether the base is Brian James or Ifor Williams.

Call for a more detailed quote.

Based on the new Brian James Cargo Connect, we have this 14 foot curtain sider with roller shutter door and under deck loading ramps for loading vehicles. This conversion can be done on any flat bed trailer.

This curtain sider was made with a 7 meter load bed, using an Alloy chassis with steel draw bar and axle carriage.