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Need to hire a trailer?

You can hire trailers from our comprehensive fleet which have seasonal additions such as camping trailers and boat trailers. All trailers are fully maintained and, in most cases, replaced each year ensuring you peace of mind. Where required car trailers come with wheel sling sets and spare wheels.


Click a trailer image to see details.

All prices include VAT.


A refundable cash deposit of £100 is required on all trailer hire. For £13.80 inc. VAT we can arrange for you to have a number plate to match your vehicle. Please bring your vehicle registration document and driving licence when collecting.

Trailers can be collected during weekdays 8am to 5pm and on Saturday 8am to 12pm. Daily, weekly and weekend rates are available. We can also provide you with longer contract hire packages on commercial trailers. Trailers returned really dirty will incur a cleaning charge.