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Why should I choose Tyrone Snell Trailers to service my trailer?

With over 27 years of experience in trailer manufacturing our parts department stocks all the main trailer manufacturers components, we are able to supply and fit genuine parts professionally at great value for money. A detailed report is provided on your invoice for the service undertaken, so you can see the work that has been carried out but also this provides you with a record of the service/repair. This will help to maintain the resale value of your trailer.


What do we do when servicing a trailer?

We carry out a complete inspection of your trailer which includes:

  • The Coupling – Coupling head, linkages, bellows, damper, drawtube, jockey wheel, handbrake and breakaway cable.
  • Road Wheels – Tyres, wheels, spare wheel, hub face, wheel studs/nuts
  • Brakes – Shoes, springs, linkages, Bowden cables, compensator/roads, adjuster/expander.
  • Bearings – Seat/rack, oil seal, stub axle.
  • Suspension – Alignment, wear
  • Electrical – 7 pin plug, 7 core cable, wiring loom, front marker lights, junction box, side marker lights, rear lights, number plate lights, reflectors.
  • Chassis and bodywork – Drawbar, chassis, bodywork, floor, prop stands, mounts, fasteners, doors, ramps.  Small areas of corrosion can be attended to and some parts of the chassis can be remade if required.


What trailers do we service?At Tyrone Snell Trailers we are able to service all types of Trailers up to 3500 Kg. From small unbraked general purpose trailers to large Tri-axle transporters/exhibition units and boat trailers. Servicing is usually carried out in the workshops, however we can service the trailers on site if necessary. Located in Cornwall, we service a large number of Boat Trailers and have a wide range of parts in stock.


Why do I need to service my trailer?

Trailers are road going vehicles therefore they have to be ‘Road Safe’. As of yet there are no MOTs for trailers so it is down to the driver to check its road worthiness. VOSA or the police can spot check trailers and if it is not deemed to be road safe, the driver could be fined or receive penalty points on their license. Having your trailer serviced regularly will help ensure your trailer to be safe.


How often do I need to have my trailer serviced?

Servicing your trailer not only keeps it working at its best but it helps to prolong its life and the life span of the parts. Also you will find this to help towards the resale value of your trailer.


At Tyrone Snell Trailers we would recommend that if your trailer is used daily or has heavy use, it should be serviced every 6 months or 6,000 miles. For a lighter use trailer, for example trailers used for tip runs or camping holidays, they should be serviced every 12 months.


Boat trailers that are used for launch and recovery in salt water suffer from the corrosive effects of the sea.  Often brake linings become de-laminated and bearings pitted.  These parts often are replaced not from wear but from the corrosive nature of salt water.  Flushing kits and bearing buddies can help and we always use high quality marine grade grease.


Tyrone Snell Trailers spannersTo keep your trailer in tip top Tyrone Snell condition, call Colin today to book your service.


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