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Yard Trailers, Cradles and Slipways

If your boat spends its time in a Marina, and is never towed on the highway, then we can fabricate a suitable yard trailer, galvanised or sprayed. Larger cradles or trailers can be made to suit up to 12 metres, and delivery can be arranged throughout the UK.   If you are in a position to have direct access to the water from your own property, then maybe its worth considering a slipway with cradle. The rails shown in the pictures are made of marine grade stainless steel, and the cradle was made to suit the Ribeye 750.   Call us to discuss what can be done to suit your boat.
























This yard trailer made for Southern Ireland, is to be used to transport a 6 ton boat and has hydraulic brakes fitted. A 5 metre extension draw bar is also shown as the client wants to launch deeper into the water. Additional Float style marker poles are shown at the rear and a handy removable tool box keeps the lashing straps in place.





















This installation has a Solar-charged battery to power an electric Winch. The railings were also fabricated to finish off the new slipway.

Yard Trailers, Cradles and Slipways